January 19, 2021
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Online blackjack rules “(also known as hit or stand), depending on your play. This situation is often confused, for some people, it is difficult to understand and learn blackjack rules and strategies. Under normal circumstances, this can make the game more complex and many correct moves are the same wherever you play, they do not jump to another site to site. Large majority of the land are very similar to the rules, often rules of the game, Las Vegas casino.

When using the online blackjack rules are designed to maintain the value of the game, and beat the dealer and 21 poker hand. ACE is based on what makes a better hand, the value of 1 or 11, “and” face card “is worth 10 All other cards face value is only the beginning, the hand of each player two cards, the card is only a dealer is hidden until the end of the game, the two shows your credit card.

Although online play blackjack rules, if you want to ask questions of other cards, you can only say the impact. Always have to adhere to the end of your turn, you can say stop. Dealers can win, if you bankrupt, or more than 21 years of age. The dealer wins regardless of his hand.

And rules of online play, you can get instant 21-point, if you are in the first round (ACE and 10 or face card “), dealing with 21, if you are fortunate enough to get 21 points, you will usually win you the original bet 1 / 2 times the seller will always be very hard, until they hand total 17 or higher. If you two are the same, you can put into his hands a pair. This is a double bet, because each new value of the original the same bet.

Similarly, a basic rule of online play, you can no longer be split after the first step. You do not play a direct service of two goals, you must use the split. Before you can double-click on the one hand, it is due to split. This will give you a triple or quadruple your bet.

Remember, online play rules, to be honest you are not the closest to 21-year-old player. You need to hit 21 to win the game. As mentioned earlier, the game is actually a failed business purposes. If you bust more than 21 years of age, your hand. This means that your hand is no longer viable, you lose the game. It is always in the act of the first player. If both player and dealer bust, then you lose, your hand is first displayed. Of course, you do not follow your dealer, T # show his hand, because they have won the hand.

Chris Martinez